Dog Groomers In Rotherham

There are a wide range of benefits that come with regular dog grooming, relating to both the look and health of your pet. That's because while we're washing, trimming and removing dirt from your dog's coat, we will closely inspect every inch of him or her.

This allows for us to put your mind at rest that your dog is happy, healthy and beautifully clean. Or, if our dog groomers do find any irregularities, they will refer you to a vet for closer inspection. So the expert dog grooming we provide is also a great way of monitoring the health of your pet's skin and coat.

Dog Kennels Rotherham provide a comprehensive range of services as part of our dedicated dog grooming depending on your dog's requirements. Our expert dog groomers will:

  • Wash your dog's coat to remove all matting and tangles
  • Cut your dog's nails in order to keep their paws healthy
  • Trim the coat of your dog to keep it looking glossy
  • Identify any skin conditions which can be reported to your vet
  • Find any lice, fleas or ticks so that they can be treated

Our dog groomers are highly skilled in what they do and can cope with dogs who hate water or who haven't been professionally groomed before. Because of this, you can rest assured that our staff have the skills required to both deal with even the most boisterous dogs and provide top notch grooming. This is true whatever breed of dog you have, from a Jack Russell to a Great Dane.

So for a comprehensive dog grooming service that will leave your dog's coat and skin looking and feeling healthier, neater and shinier, get in touch with us here at Dogs Kennels Rotherham! If you're going away why not have your dog groomed whilst staying at our luxurious boarding kennels and really make the most of your beloved pet's stay?

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Dog Groomers

In Rotherham

  • General tidy up or full bath and trim
  • Ticks, fleas and lice treated
  • Brushing & claw clipping

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Dog Groomers Rotherham